PASIC 2013 (Reflection and Thank You)

Well. We did it. We played all the notes and made it back to East Lansing. The experience of performing with the MSU Percussion Studio at PASIC last Thursday was one I’m immensely grateful for. The past semester has been quite a journey for everyone involved. As I sit here in a coffee shop, trying to put my life back together and get caught up on all the things I had been putting off for the trip to Indy, I keep playing over in my mind various events throughout the semester, trying to find how everything fit together. There were 8am rehearsals, 10pm rehearsals, and plenty in-between. There was schlepping. Lots and lots of schlepping. Really though, the thing that surprises me the most is how we all still get along. You’d think after hauling equipment in the cold/rain/snow, intense and lengthy rehearsals, and everything else associated with playing percussion we’d be pretty tired of seeing each other, but I really do believe that this experience has brought us all closer together. That’s not to say it was sunshine and rainbows every minute of every day, but personally I’m looking back on the whole experience and seeing much more positive than not. Thank you to the MSU Percussion Studio, my professors (past and present), those who attended our concert, and everyone who has supported myself and the studio and I’m very lucky to be a part of.

We were even lucky enough to make the PASIC 2013 Highlight video for Thursday!

PASIC 2013 Thursday Highlights – Peterson-Naranjo-MSU

..and a few photos from the journey..

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